PowRlock OpenRam Heads (SF-6080A)

PowRlock OpenRam Heads (SF-6080A)
PowRlock OpenRam Heads (SF-6080A)

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PowRlock OpenRam Heads (SF-6080A) (Available) €99,999.00 - €99,999.00 Each

WDS SF-6080A

Type - Open Hollow Ram Heads

Spencer Franklin PowRlock OpenRam Heads

*Caution - Do not exceed the Maximum Stroke

Mounting: To include these heads in a fixture, it is only necessary to mount them over 30mm dia. studs or bolts via the hole through the centre of each head.

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WDS No. Select Stroke * with spring mm Effective Area cm2 Swept volume with spring cm3 Seal Kit Weight
SF-6080A Select 16 34.36 54.97 SF-4376 7500 grams

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